4B - Sing five notes from the score

First choose whether to read the notes in treble clef or bass clef. Listen to the key chord and the starting note, then sing the notes slowly.

Please select a sample practice:

Treble Clef:

Practice 1Practice 2Practice 3

Bass Clef:

Practice 1Practice 2Practice 3

Advice for singing:

  • Study the score as soon as you see it, noticing the intervals between the notes. Do the notes move by step, like a scale (as in D to C)?
  • Do the notes move by a third, like an arpeggio (as in C to E)? When you sing a third, it can help to imagine the 'in-between' note.
  • Listen carefully to the key chord and starting note - sing the starting note as soon as you hear it. In these examples you will always start and end on the key-note.
  • Remember it is easier to pitch the notes if you open your mouth quite wide when you sing and start each note with a sound like 'dah' or 'lah'.
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